Review: L’Oreal Colour Caresse Riche Wet Shine Stain


I apologize for the long absence. I had intentions to have new posts about four times a week, but with my elbow of my dominate hand still injured, tutorials are a little awkward for me right now. Long, painful, and very tedious.  I can still get makeup on, but I need at least 2 hours to do so and enough time for it to be peppered with whimpers of pain. Strangely enough, curling my hair with one arm is surprisingly easy.

So, until I can be in a form to put for my best for a tutorial, I will try to keep posts coming with reviews. I know, I know, not as fun, but still needed and good way to be more informed on your beauty purchases.

Today’s lucky candidate is the new L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Lip Glosses ($7.97 Walmart). Long name, little product.

lip glossloreal caresse full face

I tried out number 184 Rose Go On and On. It is a color that is just slightly pinker than a dusty rose. (I also purchased number 188 Coral Tattoo.)

The packaging is nice, especially for a drugstore gloss. The shiny gold encasing with the the color of the gloss peeking out is reminiscent of Yves Saint Laurent Pur Contour Vernes A’ Le’vres  Glossy Stain. And it’s clear the product itself is supposed to be a direct dupe.

The teardrop applicator is a bit strange to work with at first. It is slightly larger than the YSL’s but is the same concept. It actually feels much better that the typical doe foot that is common in most glosses. The teardrop covers more and therefore requires less product to be applied to the lips.

The texture is unexpected. It is very wet upon first contact. Best description I could think of was a water saturated Q-Tip. Very wet. It dries to a slight sticky feel rather quickly, though the shine remains. It certainly isn’t as glossy and shiny as the commercials would have you believe, but it is a nice subtle gloss. The sticky feeling does dissipate, and later feels a tad waxy. There isn’t really a scent to it and find it to not be bothersome at all.

The wear of it was quite pleasant.

                                                           first application loreal caresse

I applied it around 11am and wore it without touch up through lunch, kissing husbands at lunch, grocery shopping and a lot of talking and singing with the little princess. At 3pm it was still on my lips. Though the color wasn’t as prominent, it did stain very well and still looked nice. The shine did tone down, but took on a lip balm shine after the four hours.

                                                       after loreal caresse

The Colour Riche Caresse line seems to have a good handle on trustworthy lip products. L’Oreal has really stepped up the game with their makeup and in some cases performs just as well as high end. So if you don’t feel like dropping $34 on YSL, feel confident with the Colour Riche Wet Shine. They have a large selection of colors and are small enough to take with you in case you want to give it a touch up after a few hours.

Until next time, my Swans!

P.S. Sneak Peek for next review: The new Archie Comics MAC limited edition line coming out today. Hint: I already LOVE one of the lipsticks!




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